Chôros second meeting was held in Casablanca between 18 and 21 December 2015. This was a great oportunity for Chôros partners to understand Moroccan cultural landscape.

Théâtre Nomade, Chôros partner and the host of this meeting, opened its doors at “La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abbatoirs de Casablanca” to receive Image Aiguë artistic team and the representants of several Moroccan cultural organizations.


Casablanca meeting was the first opportunity to develop Theatre Explorations between two different artistic teams. During 3 days, Image Aiguë and  Théâtre Nomade worked together, under the direction of Christiane Véricel. It was an opportunity to share techiques, preparing Théâtre Nomade artists to colaborate in the workhops with children  and to participate in the performance “The walking man”  – an artistic approach that allows the dialogue with the audience. This strand of activities explores ways of making theatre together, considering participants’ own personality, cultural identities and artistic practices as a creative asset.




In Casablanca, the workshps were organized with groups of an average of 20 children and young people, for a period of no more than 2 hours.The participants were children and youngsters from the neighborhood of “La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abbatoirs de Casablanca”. During this workshops, lead by Christiane Véricel, the participants were possible to raise awareness upon theatre as a mean of expression and an opportunity to discuss about societal topics. The pedagogy is founded on a physical approach of theatre, invoquing each individual’s personalities, language, artistic capacities.

Performance “L’Homme Qui Marche” or “The Walking Man”

“L’Homme qui Marche” is a performance of 4 short stories (3-5 minutes long), followed by a dialogue with the audience. After the performance of each story the audience is invited to decode the meaning of each story, grasp the logic, express their feelings, doubts, desires. Common topics such as power, hunger or borders emerged. The audience in Casablanca expressed freely and profusely, allowing the stablishment of a rich dialogue and discussion of ideas. More than 120 people attended this performances.




Capacity building and networking

Designed in two rythms, Chôros allows its partners to hold parallel meetings with different stakeholders in the cultural field. In Casablanca, several cultural organizations were invited for a 2 days incounter, enabling the stabilishment of a serious of reflections about Popular and Cultural Education in the country.

It was the opportunity to meet active Moroccan initiatives that have been working on the development of cultural policies, social and cultural sustainable development, popular and artistic education in Morocco.

A special thanks to the cultural organizations which participated to the meeting :
Initiative Urbaine
Fondation Tamkeen
Cie Accroches-toi
Cie Wajdins
Afrique sans frontières

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