Chôros is a cultural cooperation project, gathering organizations from France, Portugal, Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia. Partners of the project intend to foster cultural exchanges between cities from the centre, periphery and neghbourhood of Europe by means of performing arts practices, addressing common societal issues (social inclusion and democratic participation, migrations from neighbour and far countries, ageing and co-operation between generations, employment and new relations to work).

From July 2015 to September 2016, with the support of Creative Europe programme, partners of the project will experiment and structure a cooperation process and elaborate a common strategic approach.

On the first phase of the project, Chôros outlined the following goals:

  • Inspiring artistic production for a family of non-theatre goer audience;
  • Conceiving new cultural activities to engage communities;
  • Strengthening a cross-sectorial network of actors (art, education, social, science) both grass-rooted and international;
  • Develop new business models balancing economical gaps and capacities.