IBCCP – Stiching Caucasus Foundation


IBCCP is a branch of Stichting Caucasus Foundation (SCF in the Netherlands was founded in 1997), based in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is a non-profit foundation which supports Caucasian countries in the process of integration with other European countries in the field of culture, regarding, simultaneously at new forms of cultural cooperation worldwide. The Foundation sets up and implements programmes and events in art and culture for professional artist, in order to promote open and democratic societies within the Caucasus region and to provide access to information about the Caucasian region for further exchange and the establishment of professional links. Research and education is one of main fields of activities of SCF. SCF one of the partner offices for the movement A Saul for Europe.  Stichting Caucasus Foundation is linked with CONCEPTS (The CONCORTIUM for the CO-ORDINATION of EUROPEAN PERFORMANCE THEATRE STUDIES) based in the UK and is a member of Council of Europe forum of International Cultural Networks. It works in close cooperation with the Felix Merits Foundation (Amsterdam), Gulliver network, ENCATC and IETM.