Mozaik Foundation

Mozaik Foundation (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina) is a team of enthusiastic professionals whose aim is to encourage young people to achieve excellent results. Every day it puts a lot of effort into creating programs that will contribute to the economic and social stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Its results so far have been the motivation for even more creative and hard work in order to inspire the most important resource of our society – the youth. Mozaik Foundation was founded in 2002 with the aim of encouraging the development of rural communities. Today, Mozaik is a leading social enterprise in the region, whose vision is an economically and socially strong BiH. It courageously steps towards creating an army of young and enterprising people until 2023, who will create jobs and who will be role models for the 70% of young people who dream of leaving the country. Its focus is to mobilize local resources and sustainability of socio-economic development which we achieve through the programs: YouthBanks and All Inclusive. Through the award of grants Mozaik Foundation supports non-formal youth groups and organizations whose actions bring economic and social benefits. By opening two social businesses, EkoMozaik Ltd. and MaŠta Agency it can serve as an example of successful business and responsibility to society