“The walking man” is an Image Aigue performance developed in dialogue with the audience. The basic principle is to perform short stories (3-5 minutes) then dialoguing with the audience. Topics addressed are the Border, the King (power), Breadcrumbs (hunger). The stories range from the simplest action (walking) becoming increasingly complex. Depending on the questions and suggestions from the public, roles can be reversed, the object of desire can be changed and feelings can be exacerbate. It is also proposed to the audience to decode the meaning of each story, grasp the logic, philosophy, expressing feelings, doubts and desires.

“The walking man” is transmited by Christiane Véricel, the director of Image Aigue, to local artists, so they will perform it with the performers of Image Aigue later, on their own, in order to go ahead to new audiences, It will be performed for small audiences (50 people) in a theatre venue or in community centers. This performance is used as a starting point for Public Laboratories.