SARTR, Sarajevo War Theatre

SARTR, Sarajevo War Theatre is a theatre company established in Sarajevo, related to the period of siege of Sarajevo, with active participation of the Culture of Resistance. In the sense of art policy of SARTR, in addition to the engagement of the prominent male and female artist, SARTR intents to put high standards and criteria with the special emphasis on the presentation of works of local authors and playwrights, taking care especially about the affirmation of young BH artist.

In last two years SARTR coproduced “Bolero” (Nottingham Playhouse, ODA theatre – Pristina, British Council) with performers from all cities and initiated FAKAT DRAMA : youth theatre workshops enable young people aged 12 to 15 to learn to express their creativity and critical thought, to develop their imagination and fulfil their potential. It has also been involved in co-productions with MESS Sarajevo International Festival, Hebel ham Uffer – Berlin, and supported from United States Embassy. SARTR is supported by the Kanton Sarajevo.