Setepés is a Portuguese company, based in Porto, working in the creative sector in the fields of culture, arts, communication and training, since 1998. Setepés provides services in consulting, management and human resources; creative activities; projects and contents design; communication and education. It works for Municipalities, Museums, Theatres, Networks, Cultural Centres, Cultural Capitals, Foundations, Universities, Entrepreneurial Associations, Regional Authorities, Development Agencies and Companies.

Among other projects, in the last years Setepés has been involved in the global coordination, managemente and production of the Regiostars 2014 awarded project “Art on Chairs”, an international event of design and industry, and has been a partner for several European projects, such as “RenEU: New Renaissance in Europe”, “Upskill” and “Actors of Urban Change”. Setepés has coordinated several professional training programmes for the theatre network Artemrede and for the National Theatre D. Maria II and the entrepreneurship and innovation programme “Gerador”.

Setepés is the official office in Portugal of the initiative A Soul for Europe office in Portugal.

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