Théâtre Nomade

Théâtre Nomade – Casablanca, Morroco, is an itinerant association created by Mohammed El Hassouni and Soufia El Boukhari in order to help vulnerable people through the practice of street art (workshops, training events). It sets up its circus, the “cultural itinerant studio” (Al Khaimah) for residencies in districts without cultural infrastructure. The goal is to reach out disadvantaged populations by offering artistic activities. The association has worked in various areas of Sale (Morocco) between 2006 and 2011 (Hay Inbiâat, Maza, Douar Mika) on the municipality Bouknadel (2011-2012), the rural municipality of Sidi Taibi (2012-2013), the neighbourhood of Sidi Moumen in Casablanca (2014), and now “le Théâtre Nomade” is settled in “la Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca”. The association primarily target young people in situations of exclusion, women and persons with disabilities. Théâtre Nomade is supported by the Ministry of Culture.